Bluebird house at Meadowlands

Checking bluebird houses after installation are Farmstead/Meadowlands Golf Association member Jeanette Shaughnessy, and Meadowlands course superintendent David Pridgen.

Bluebird Houses Installed at Meadowlands

Eighteen bluebird houses have been installed at Meadowlands Golf Club due to the generosity of residents, friends and Meadowlands/Farmstead Golf Association members. Maintenance employees of the course did the actual installation of boxes donated over a three-week period.

“This property is good habitat for bluebirds,” said WJ McLamb, president of Meadowlands Golf Club Inc. and developer of the neighborhood surrounding the course. “When we opened Meadowlands in the 1990s, we installed many bluebird boxes. As with many things, they needed to be replaced as they aged.  We asked our members and residents to assist with the effort, and they responded with great enthusiasm. We even had a celebratory gathering at the clubhouse when we received the bulk of the donations.”

Club members have volunteered to assist with periodic inspection of the boxes to be certain nesting pairs are safe and the boxes are clean and in good repair.  Plans include additional installations each year.

Should anyone want to donate a box or their time to monitor boxes before next year’s event, we welcome their participation.