MLFS GM Brad Thomson keeps the tally as Daryl Steen putts.

Steen Outscores Competition

Putting champ Daryl Steen receives congrats and prize from ML Shop Manager Shawn Denney.

Daryl Steen outscored the competition to win the first Meadowlands Putting Skills Challenge.  Shooting from a distance of three feet, six feet, nine feet, 12 feet and 15 feet, he scored a total of ten points.  Terry Cox came in second at nine points.  Other competitors scored from six to eight points.

The friendly competition, held this afternoon,  was the most recent event marking the 20th anniversary of Meadowlands Golf Club.

Additional events are planned throughout the year.  When feasible, the event will be on the 20th of the month.  Stay tuned for more information on all evens for the remainder of the year.  If you have a skills challenge or social event you would like to have incorporated into the lineup, let us know in the pro shop at either course.

Fresh fruit, cheeses and more for the competitors.

AJ keeps score as Jack Heslin putts and Terry looks on.

Dick Carter lines up his shot.

Dan Northrup sports his form and UNC shoes.

Daryl Steen takes aim.

Congrats to second place winner Terry Cox from ML Pro Shop Manager Shawn Denney.

AJ Mendoza sets up the course.