Yesterday we held our Member/Member tournament.
60 members joined and played in the two person captains choice event. The sun was shining and other than the wet ground, the day was excellent.
A big thank you goes out to all the members who participated and we look forward to seeing you in the next event.

The winners of the Member/Member tournament were:

Ladies Flight:

1st – Denni Maynard and Bev Ibbott
2nd – Roberta Mackey and Bunny Sheeron
3rd – Martha Weese and Debbie Carlough

Mixed Couples Flight:

1st – Dallas Peoples and Diane Peoples
2nd – George Jerome and Gwen Jerome
3rd – Roland Belliveau and Denise Lirette

Mens Flight:

1st – Skip Wilson and Jerry Sullivan
2nd – Terry Holt and Jack Robbins
3rd – Bob Claffey and Rich Gilardi

The scores are posted in the club house.

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