New Golf Rules Coming

In a recent mailing from the National Golf Course Owners Association, we received the news that pared down rules of the game are coming.

For several months, the USGA and R&A have been indicating a forthcoming simplification and modernization of the Rules of Golf. A week before the USGA’s recent North American Golf Innovation Symposium, they unveiled a preview of the slimmed-down (from 34 to 24) rules. The public has six months to provide their feedback on the proposed changes. Click here to read an overview.

The information comes from the NCGOA President Rock Lucas and CEO Jay Karen.  In their statement to their membership, they wrote: The Rules of Golf have long had their protectors and defenders, as well as critics and detractors. The unique challenges of our game have served us well for a long time, producing some of the greatest athletes and champions, and providing for innumerable experiences for the average players. The rules have been central to the longevity of our game, but the complexities have often left golfers and potential golfers frustrated.
We believe the USGA and R&A are making a positive step forward by taking a fresh look at the rules.  A more enjoyable experience on the golf course may very well lead to stronger customer retention at golf courses across the world. This would be good for our business and industry.
Therefore, we support this review process and anticipate good things to come. We encourage you to contribute to the dialogue over the next six months.